Welcome to the Website of Waen Congregational Chapel, Waen,  St Asaph  - a happy welcoming and inclusive Chapel that serves the community

Carols for Busy People - Christmas Eve 4pm a  30 minute bilingual family service of favourite carols and readings by candlelight. 

All Welcome

We are an open and inclusive congregational chapel. We  hold our services in Welsh but are here for all  within our community .  These are some of the things we do

Prayer list - we place great emphasis on prayer within our Chapel - if you would like to be included in our prayer list or like us to pray for someone you know who is in difficulty please contact us via this website

Together with prayer we aim to offer practical support and help wherever and whenever needed. Again please do contact us via this website if we can be of any help or support to you or your family or friends

Running a book share scheme

Providing food hampers for people in need and for older people at Christmas

Running  weekly  Day Care  for older people

Drop-in for mothers and babies

Monthly children's club / Sunday School

If you wish to contact the chapel and know more about any of the above please use last button on our homepage "cysylltwch  / Contact Us to send us a message.  If you wish for further information regarding the Day care or Practical Befriending Service please complete this form  ffurflen-form.docx



Waen Congregational Chapel 1815-

The Waen Congregational Chapel was founded in 1815 in a Barn on Waen Farm. Exact details unfortunately are not available, but it is believed that Mrs Roberts the Rossa had been approached to find a place for people to worship in the Waen. John Jones of Waen Farm offered the use of his barn  and Mrs Roberts accepted. John Jones did not become a member of the new Chapel but was a faithful supporter. The early Chapel was described as very Spartan with soil floor a couple of seats but mostly people had to stand.  The Chapel shared its early ministers with the Denbigh Pastorate – Thomas Powell being one of the earliest ministers who stayed from the early days to the 1840’s. The chapel was also fortunate in this time that there were several young student clergy who came to preach on Sundays. In the early 1870, John Jones from Ysgol Isa started attending the Chapel  along with his mother. Members came from the Waen, Bodfari and Tremeirchion and St Asaph - the Bethlehem Chapel , Bronwylfa Square St Asaph was actually a branch of the Waen Chapel  - Bethlehem Chapel closed in the late 1960's and the Chapel is now used by the Presbyterian Chapel . In the early 1880’s it was felt that the current Chapel was not suitable and plans were made to look for a site to build a new Chapel. The Llanerch Estate sold a small plot of land for the Chapel to be built and the “new” Chapel was opened in 1892. The exact cost is not known but it is known that the Chapel had considerable debt and that the members ( all farmers, farm workers or maids working in the local country houses) worked hard and donated generously so that this debt was totally cleared by 1900.   Around this time John Jones was made a Deacon  - he was a deacon for over 50 years until his death in 1944. He married and lived in the Castell and had ten children – all of whom were faithful members of the Chapel . In the early 1900’s Gwilym Hiraethog came as a minster to the Chapel and stayed until 1924 – during this time the Chapel membership grew under the guidance of an energetic and young minister .  The Chapel then had a period of being without a minister until 1940 when Rev John Morris Jones had responsibility for the Chapel and formed an active Sunday School , Choir and visiting group to support all those in  need in the area – this group is still in being today and works tirelessly to serve the needs of an ageing local community with few community facilities. The Chapel had its last full time minister in 1967 and since then has relied on part time ministerial support from local Chapels together with a strong team of lay leadership which has allowed the Chapel to grow and flourish to the present day. Our services are usually in Welsh but  many from the local community  use the Chapel for baptisms, weddings and funerals and these service are often held in English. We see our mission as being here for all regardless of language or of creed and to offer loving Christian Service to our fellow man.

            Eglwys bywiog, hwyliog a gweithgar sydd yn croesawu pawb - Duw Cariad Yw.
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